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A Molly Carter Refresher!

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Today we’re talking about Molly Carter! Technically, our excerpt is from Secrets Hidden in the Glass and is in Callie’s point of view, but Callie, Molly, and Gwen’s conversation is so juicy and fun, it works!

Here’s a peek at the conflict going on between Molly and Brad, which Brad and Molly will be forced to navigate in the latest Carter Island Novel, Aftermath Of Secrets. (Missed the cover reveal? Check it out.)

Molly Carter Refresher Excerpt

Molly snagged a cookie and plucked a chocolate chunk from the top. “So, how are you holding up?” she asked Callie.

Callie shrugged. “I’m doing all right.”

Gwen’s left eyebrow winged up.

Callie couldn’t help but smile as both of Nate’s sisters stared at her—their expressions exactly the same. “Okay. This whole thing is awful, but I don’t want to talk about it. Please, let’s talk about anything else.” It was bad enough that the locket and her biological mother were constantly on her mind after Nate’s bombshell discovery yesterday.

“All right.” Molly dunked her cookie in her coffee. “I guess I could mention that Brad called me last night.”

“He did?” Callie pushed her chair in farther. This was a much better topic. “And?”

“And I didn’t answer.” Molly huffed out a breath. “I was going to. My finger hovered over the button, but I couldn’t.”

Gwen frowned as she picked up her glass of water. “Why not? Why are you two acting so weird?”

“Because we slept together, and he’s a jerk.”

Gwen’s eyes went huge as she nearly dropped her glass and choked on her water. “You what?” she said between coughing fits. “You slept with Brad?”

Molly rolled her eyes. “After that bonfire we had in August—the one before Mom and Dad left. Brad and I drove into town and had a couple more beers at McGuiness’. We were tipsy, so he walked me home—was going to sleep on my couch.” She started fiddling with her napkin, ripping it into pieces. “I unlocked my apartment door, and we stepped inside, laughing about something or other. Then he stopped and looked at me—got all serious and asked me why I had to be so goddamn beautiful, talking in that hot, macho, totally Brad-like way. Then he kissed me, and we sort of ripped each other’s clothes off.”

Gwen wrinkled her nose.

Molly glared. “Hey, I’m entitled to make a colossally stupid mistake every once in a while.”

“But Brad? I mean, he’s gorgeous and all, but he’s like a little brother.”

Molly made a scoffing sound. “He’s not my little brother. He’s almost four years older. Plus, that stupid grin of his… Whose stomach doesn’t get all wonky when he smiles?”

Callie nodded her agreement. “She’s got a point there.”

“True,” Gwen conceded as she broke her cookie in half. “So, how was it?”

“I don’t remember.” Molly shoved a huge bite of the baked good in her mouth as her shoulders sagged.

Gwen narrowed her eyes as she stared at her sister. “I thought you said you were tipsy.”

“I was. We were.”

“You remember stuff when you’re tipsy. Slobbering drunk is a different story.”

“I blocked it out,” Molly answered primly.

It was Gwen’s turn to roll her eyes. “So, why won’t you talk to him?”

“I already told you. He’s a jerk.”

“Maybe he’s not,” Callie said. “He left a note on the pillow and tried to talk to you at the wedding. He tried again last night. A jerk wouldn’t make an effort to straighten things out.”

Gwen gaped. “You knew?”

Callie winced. “Yes, but only because I overheard a conversation I didn’t mean to.”

Molly shoved more of her cookie into her mouth as her eyes swam with absolute misery. “It’s my turn to pull out the ‘I don’t want to talk about it anymore’ card. Brad is off the table. We messed everything up—one sweaty, intense night, and now it’s over. End of story.”

Gwen smiled. “I thought you said you blocked it out.”

Molly pointed at Gwen. “Don’t you dare say anything to Nate.”

Gwen frowned as her mouth fell open again, and she pressed her hand to her chest. “Why would I do that?”

“I don’t know, but I wanted to put it out there.” Molly took a deep drink of her coffee. “So, how are things at the bank?”

Callie laughed.

“Nice segue,” Gwen said with another grin.

“If you start talking about the bank, then it’s a nice segue.”

Since Molly and Brad are officially our new focus, I thought I’d get us started with a quote from Aftermath of Secrets.

Aftermath of Secrets Promo Graphic Cate Beauman

There’s plenty more coming your way.


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