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Aftermath Of Secrets (Book 2 Of The Carter Island Novels)

We’re officially all about Aftermath of Secrets, Molly, and Brad from now on—or at least until June 4. I’m so excited to share the next installment of The Carter Island Novels with you. If you missed the cover reveal and book blurb, click here. For a little background, Brad and Molly have been close friends for as long as either can remember. Here’s an opportunity to see their dynamic, which is...

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A Molly Carter Refresher!

Today we’re talking about Molly Carter! Technically, our excerpt is from Secrets Hidden in the Glass and is in Callie’s point of view, but Callie, Molly, and Gwen’s conversation is so juicy and fun, it works! Here’s a peek at the conflict going on between Molly and Brad, which Brad and Molly will be forced to navigate in the latest Carter Island Novel, Aftermath Of Secrets. (Missed the cover...

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Secrets Hidden In The Glass Refresher (Part 3)

We’re rolling right along with our Secrets Hidden In The Glass refresher. So far, we’ve talked about Callie’s reluctant attraction to Nate, and we’ve had an opportunity to see them having fun together with a walk along the beach. If you’ve missed out, click SHIG Refresher Part 1 or SHIG Refresher Part 2 to catch up. Today we’re in Callie’s point of view again while she joins Nate at the island’s...

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Secrets Hidden In The Glass Refresher (Part 2)

Here we are again, diving back into our Secrets Hidden In The Glass refresher. Last week we started with our first excerpt, where Callie contemplated her attraction to Nate (If you missed it, click here). Today, we’re in Nate’s point of view while he and Callie walk along the beach. Secrets Hidden In The Glass Excerpt Number 2: They started walking again, and a wave rushed up, washing over their...

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Secrets Hidden In The Glass Refresher (Part 1)

It has been over two years since I wrote and shared Secrets Hidden In The Glass with you—a long time, I know. Because it has been so long and each Carter Island Novel is integral to the next, I thought we would do a little refresh before Aftermath of Secrets’ launch day on June 4. If you missed last week’s sneak peek into Carter Island’s latest novel, check it out here. What Is Secrets Hidden In...

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Carter Island: Aftermath Of Secrets Cover Reveal

It’s finally time to share details about another Carter Island novel! Creating Aftermath of Secrets was such a labor of love. I can’t wait for you to read Brad and Molly’s story on June 4. A Couple Of Important Notes The Carter Island Novels are different from the other stories I’ve told in the past. Perhaps you’ve read Secrets Hidden In The Glass, book one of The Carter Island Novels. If so,...

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My Day As A TV Movie Extra

Last May, I had a cool opportunity to participate as an extra on one of Apple TV+'s productions. I’m always up for new adventures. As a writer, I’m forever fascinated by people, places, and things. When I get a chance to gain insight into a world entirely unfamiliar to me, I jump at it. Stepping into new experiences and perspectives makes me a better storyteller and all-around human being. So,...

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Edits, Face Masks, and Grilled Chicken

Whew, these last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind! It’s funny, though, because some days pass in a blur and others in an eternity. Perhaps you know what I mean? My family and I have been staying close to home, doing our part to flatten the curve, leaving only for necessities. Yet my soul yearns for a day of excitement and energy in the city. Typically, we head into Boston for a change of...

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