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First Draft, Summer Fun, and Cookies

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Summer is in full bloom, and life is busy here in the Beauman household. I’m back to storytelling, which means spending many hours a day tucked upstairs in my office, typing, typing, typing away.

Except for when I’m not because this new novel is coming in fits and starts, which tends to be the case with each new book—the dreaded part of first-draft mode. At this point in the process, I’m still getting to know Gwen and Cade and how they interact with the plot and their story world. It’s often one step forward; two steps back. During moments of doubt and a little bit of panic, I try to remind myself that it will all come together eventually.

Because all work and no play makes Cate a dull girl, we’ve been having plenty of fun, too. I can’t pretend that I’m not missing the opportunity to travel, but we’re making do with the options available to us for now. This means kayaking, puzzle making, nights sitting out on the deck, and playing in the kitchen.

Cate Beauman July
So pretty!
Cate Beauman July
Fun In The Sun!
Cate Beauman July
I Love The Sounds Of Nature.

I had some great news since the last blog post. I can eat nuts! This is a big, big deal to someone who’s been allergic for years. It was exhilarating and terrifying to get the all-clear. Just because the skin tests and blood tests tell you you’re safe, doesn’t mean it’s easy to actually put an almond in your mouth, let me tell ya!

As a result, I’ve been trying all kinds of things, including these almond flour chocolate chip cookies. They are so delicious, and they’re easy to make. I’m going to attach the link to the website, so you can try them, too.

Here’s what I love about them:

  • There are no weird ingredients (I’ve tried them with the brown sugar and coconut sugar. Either way, you can’t go wrong).
  • They’re a one-bowl creation, so there’s less dishes. Woo hoo!
  • The fam says they actually like these cookies better than the regular chocolate chip cookie. Who knew, right?!

One extra note about this little treat: be sure not to under-bake these cookies. Although under-baking makes a wheat flour cookie chewy and soft, I find that it makes these soggy. The time given on the recipe tends to work well, but if I make a bigger cookie, I adjust the time accordingly.

If you give them a try, I hope you’ll let me know if you enjoyed them as much as we have. How are you keeping busy this summer? Feel free to share in the comments section below.

Until next time,


  1. sabina Marsh

    Hi Cate,

    So happy you can sample the delights of nuts. I have always loved nuts. My favorite being the macadamia. My summer so far has been a blur. Being a teacher, has made it longer than normal. We did go to visit friends on the Orcas Island in Washington State and had a blast. Saw my first Orca in the wild. K-pod. Just wondering what the new school year will bring. Enjoy your summer and happy writing.

    • Cate Beauman

      Ooh, the macadamia nut. I haven’t tried that one, but maybe someday! My husband, too, is a teacher, so there are indeed many questions and concerns as the new school year approaches. Best of luck to you as a dedicated educator and molder of young minds. I’m so happy you’ve had a chance to visit friends and have an amazing experience! Have fun, and stay safe during the rest of your summer! ❤️

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