You have exciting goals and dreams. You’re finally ready to take the big leap and go back to school, lose the weight for good, ask out the man you’ve had your eye on for months, or apply for that job you’ve always wanted.

You’re fired up. This is your moment to shine. But the more real your opportunities become, the harder it is for you to move forward. Those pesky what-ifs are back again—the nagging fears and doubts that keep you indecisive, frustrated, and stuck. Some mysterious “block” is always getting in the way.


Ninety-five percent of our life occurs beyond our awareness. The majority of our thoughts, decisions, feelings, behaviors, and beliefs are manufactured in the unconscious mind. Going after everything you’ve ever wanted takes serious effort and can be scary—something that seems threatening to our brain, even though it seems harmless to us. Your unconscious mind has a very important job: to keep you safe and alive. What better way to accomplish this than by keeping you small and afraid?

But there are workarounds we can use when our subconscious mind continuously prevents us from taking the steps we need to take to create our very best life.

One easy-to-learn and extremely effective method is Emotional Freedom Techniques.  



Weight Loss


Food Cravings


Emotional Eating


Unhealed Traumas


Negative Self-Talk & Limiting Beliefs








Chronic Pain


Chronic Stress & Overwhlem

EFT can help you:


Rebalance the body's energy sytsem


Feel Happier, clamer, and more self-confident


Finally see food as nourishment instead of a coping mechanism


Create distance and deactivate the emotional charge of troubling or traumatic memories and events


Reframe Negative Thoughts and Limiting Beliefs


find greater insight and develop more clarity in all areas of your life

How Does An EFT Session Work?

During our session, we’ll work on the topic of your choosing.

As you share more information about your struggles, I’ll gather ideas and create a unique tapping script that we’ll use during the tapping process.

When you’re ready, I’ll guide you through the tapping points to help you narrow in on your core issues and deactivate the intensity and negative associations you have with your emotions, memories, and/or beliefs.

You’ll know when we’ve “cleared” your issue when you feel a sense of ease, lightness, and/or a distance from the problem—as if there was never anything troubling you at all.

“When I came to Cate, I was feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with my financial situation and not sure how to move forward. I had done EFT once or twice before, but I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Cate guided me through the entire process, held space for me and helped me work through the mindset blocks that were holding me back. She has such a calming presence and made me feel at ease.

Before we even finished our session, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. The frustration and overwhelm had disappeared and I had a completely different mindset around money. It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to do it again! I’m so glad I decided to work with Cate and highly recommend her if you’re struggling with any sort of mindset or emotional blocks.”

Kim K.

“I was skeptical about EFT when I first heard about it but Cate’s calming presence and confidence made me feel safe enough to open up and share some very personal experiences and feelings. Together we focused on a few emotional blockages and limiting beliefs that were holding me back from living the life I want without fear. I immediately felt a release even though the problem was still there. It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to do it again. I encourage anyone who feels stuck in their lives to try a session with Cate! She is amazing! Thank you so so much!”

Ranim S.

“I highly recommend working with Cate! As a Christian, I had heard about EFT but never tried it. In just a few sessions, Cate skillfully and effectively got to the root of issues I’d spent years praying about but couldn’t break through. I was able to make more progress on a deeper level with Cate’s EFT for a lasting transformation. I trust her wisdom and ability to focus on the issues to being emotionally free. Cate is the real deal!”

Debra M.


Welcome to the very first step in your personal transformation.

Deciding that you’re ready to make peace with your “stuff” and heal your life is one heck of a big deal. Let’s take a little time to chat—get to know each other, find out what you’re hoping to get out of your EFT experience, and make sure working together feels like a great fit for both of us.

What’s Included In Your Four-Session Power Bundle:

  • Access to the Getting Started with EFT Video Tutorial.
  • 4 60-minute 1:1 EFT sessions that are tailored just for you.
  • Email support between sessions for any questions or concerns.
  • Weekly suggestions for positive affirmations and tapping ideas for increased healing.

Your Investment: $499.00 

I had the most amazing experience in my EFT session with Cate! I didn’t really know what an EFT session was until I talked with Cate more about it. There were some deep-rooted things I felt were holding me back in my business and my life, so I decided I wanted to give it a try.

It was the most transformational experiences I’ve ever had! I felt completely comfortable and safe sharing some very personal experiences, thoughts and feelings with Cate to get the most out of the session. Not only did she help me through the EFT process, but she was able to help me connect the dots to uncover truths in a new way to help me really understand my limiting beliefs and give me a new strength to overcome them! I am so grateful for this experience and encourage anyone who feels they need to work through their limiting beliefs to try a session with Cate! Thank you so much!!

Danielle U.


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