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Secrets Hidden In The Glass Refresher (Part 1)

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It has been over two years since I wrote and shared Secrets Hidden In The Glass with you—a long time, I know. Because it has been so long and each Carter Island Novel is integral to the next, I thought we would do a little refresh before Aftermath of Secrets’ launch day on June 4. If you missed last week’s sneak peek into Carter Island’s latest novel, check it out here.

What Is Secrets Hidden In The Glass About?

Secrets Hidden In The Glass Blurb Cate Beauman

During our refresh, I’ll be sharing little snippets from the story.

Callie is finally unpacked and settled in on Carter Island. She has also recently met her hunky new landlord, Nate Carter.

     The sun warmed Callie’s shoulders, and the gusty winds played with her ponytail as she kept a quick pace on her run along the coastal bike path. The waves rushed and roared, kissing the sand and receding back into the Atlantic as far out as she could see—a glorious backdrop for a little early afternoon exercise.

     She slowed slightly when she heard sirens blazing somewhere in the distance. The sound grew louder, and moments later, she watched Nate fly by at a breakneck speed, speaking into his radio while the blue lights blazed on the Tahoe. Within seconds, a cruiser and two fire trucks passed, moving just as quickly. “That can’t be good,” she panted out and picked up her pace, still listening as the beachfront grew quiet again.

     Her mind wandered to Nate—as it had more often than not when she’d been conscious long enough to string two thoughts together. She rarely gave men more than a passing glance—even the cute ones. Her career didn’t afford her an opportunity to do much more. But she preferred it that way. She’d tried a couple of relationships over the years, but she wasn’t any good at them. Her time was better spent creating in her studio and gifting her art to the world. Yet she found herself smiling as she remembered their Tuesday morning conversation.

     She didn’t mind chatting with Nate. He was fun to talk to. Over the next several weeks, they were bound to bump into each other from time to time. It wasn’t out of the realm of possibility that they might even become friends. But when a man looked like Nate Carter—was genuinely kind like Nate Carter—it was probably wise to proceed with caution.

Not too bad, huh? Callie is definitely attracted to Nate, even if she’s trying to fight it. But Callie will soon find out that Nate’s a pretty irresistible guy.

And what’s a refresher without a quote?

Secrets Hidden In The Glass Quote Cate Beauman

Stay tuned for more snippets and quotes from Secrets Hidden In the Glass.


  1. Elene Wood

    Really excited to be seeing a new book from you. This is a fantastic series and I will most definitely be re-reading the earlier books just before the latest one. I love any excuse to revisit a good book.

    • Cate Beauman

      Aw, Elene, I’m so glad you enjoyed Secrets Hidden In The Glass! I’m truly so excited to share Aftermath Of Secrets with you. 😃

  2. Jennifer

    OMG…I’m so excited and can’t wait til the next book come out. The ending of Callie and Nate leave me in suspense on what is going on with Molly and Brad relationship and how they are going to get through it. Can’t wait to read about their story.

    • Cate Beauman

      Oooh, it is an exciting time! I’m so looking forward to sharing Molly and Brad with you. They certainly have a mess to clean up. I hope you’ll enjoy their story! 😁

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