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Secrets Hidden In The Glass Refresher (Part 3)

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We’re rolling right along with our Secrets Hidden In The Glass refresher. So far, we’ve talked about Callie’s reluctant attraction to Nate, and we’ve had an opportunity to see them having fun together with a walk along the beach. If you’ve missed out, click SHIG Refresher Part 1 or SHIG Refresher Part 2 to catch up.

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Today we’re in Callie’s point of view again while she joins Nate at the island’s annual Fall Festival. Callie tends to keep to herself, but Nate has convinced her to come along and join in the fun. Here’s a peek at how their night starts out together.

Secrets Hidden In The Glass Excerpt Number 3:

“Would you like to dance?”

“I would love to.”

He took her hand, and they walked to the center of the crowded floor. “Does this work for you?”

She nodded. “It’s perfect.”

“All right then.” He kept her hand in his and wrapped his arm around her waist.  

She settled her arm around the back of his neck and followed his lead, breathing in his aftershave and laundry soap scent, trying to remember the last time she’d let a man hold her. “The park looks amazing. Very festive.”

“They did a great job with the setup,” he said as his eyes tracked around the grounds before they met hers again. “We always have a solid turnout. Thursday night is kind of our way of celebrating the end of the season before we welcome mainlanders for the rest of the weekend.”

She let herself relax against him. “I’m glad I’m here to enjoy it.”

“Me, too. Although I’m sorry you missed dinner.”

“That wasn’t my intention. I ended up having something small to eat at the cottage.” She’d made quick work of shoving half a granola bar into her mouth as she slid on her sandals on the way out the door.

“I tried to snag you a brownie, but people around here are pigs when it comes to Molly’s baking, so…” He shrugged.

She smiled. “I appreciate the effort.”

He looked to his left, did a double take, and smiled, letting go of Callie’s hand long enough to send up a quick wave. “Ah, shit,” he said under his breath as he captured Callie’s fingers, lacing them with his.

She frowned. “What?”

“Mrs. Beckle.”

Callie casually glanced in the direction Nate had just waved, where two women looked his way. “I take it Mrs. Beckle’s not the tall brunette?”

“No, that would be Anna, Mrs. Beckle’s daughter,” he said on a bit of a sigh. “Mrs. Beckle is convinced that Anna and I are fated or something.”

Callie looked Anna’s way again, noting her enviable curves filling out her red sleeveless top and black maxi skirt, then back into Nate’s eyes. “She’s very pretty.”

“Yeah, but she’s not very nice. She put gum in my hair when we were in second grade—a huge wad of Hubba Bubba. It was two pieces—maybe three. My mom tried getting it out with ice cubes and peanut butter, but she ended up shaving my head.”

Callie laughed, truly delighted with the man staring into her eyes. “So, you’re a grudge holder?”

He frowned. “I thought you’d be on my side. Shaved head. In January. Do you know how cold it is around here that time of year?”

Callie threw her head back laughing in a way she hadn’t in far too long—or maybe since Saturday night when Nate had held her in the frigid Atlantic waters.

He laughed, too, and pulled her closer against him. “It’s true. And I’m only half-joking right now.”

It was hard not to really like Nate Carter. “You know, if law enforcement doesn’t work out, you should give comedy a try.”

He eased back enough to touch a hand to his heart. “The pain is real.”

Chuckling, she shook her head. “You’re a funny guy.”

“I’m glad you think so.”

It seemed she didn’t do much else but think about Nate, especially after seeing him again this morning.

The musician strummed the last few notes of the song, and the band picked up the pace with Tom Petty’s “American Girl.” Callie looked at her fingers intertwined with Nate’s, knowing she needed to let him go. “Thanks for the dance.”

Unfortunately, life doesn’t stay this carefree and simple for Callie and Nate.

It isn’t too long before Nate realizes that Callie isn’t just any other vacationer on Carter Island, and Callie will be forced to confront the tragic circumstances of her past after she makes a startling discovery.

Stay tuned for the next post when Molly Carter will take the spotlight.


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