Reagan’s Redemption

Book Eight In The Bodyguards Of L.A. County Series

Sleepy town. Deadly secrets…

Doctor Reagan Rosner loves her fast-paced life of practicing medicine in New York City’s busiest trauma center. Kind and confident, she’s taking her profession by storm—until a young girl’s accidental death leaves her shaken to her core. With her life a mess and her future uncertain, Reagan accepts a position as Head Physician for The Appalachia Project, an outreach program working with some of America’s poorest citizens.

Shane Harper, Ethan Cooke Security’s newest team member, has been assigned to a three-month stint deep in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky—and he’s not too happy about it. Guarding a pill safe in the middle of nowhere is boring as hell, but when he gets a look at his new roommate, the gorgeous Doctor Rosner, things start looking up.

Shane and Reagan encounter more than a few mishaps as they struggle to gain the trust of a reluctant community. They’re just starting to make headway when a man’s routine checkup exposes troubling secrets the town will do anything to keep hidden—even if that means murder.

*NOTE: While reading the series in order is recommended, it is not necessary. Each story is a stand-alone title featuring new primary characters with limited overlapping secondary characters.*

“Cate has captured my attention again. I had a very hard time putting it down, once I started. I found this to be a beautiful & tragic story all in one, but I hated the greedy monsters, but they got theirs at the end. You can read this book as a stand alone, but I never recommend doing so when it’s a series, because it always helps to know who they’re talking about when names are mentioned in any of these books. You won’t be disappointed in any of Cate’s books.”

— Angela H. Johnson


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